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Biomedical Engineering Technician Reparing Instruments

Biomedical Technical Services

For over 30 years, Trudell Medical Marketing Limited (TMML) has operated a service department in London known as Trudell Technical Services (TTS). TTS supports hospitals across Canada by offering installation services, warranty servicing and repair and refurbishment programs for our capital equipment and surgical product lines. TTS employs experienced Biomedical Engineering Technicians who receive factory level training on all key product lines and are authorized by the manufacturer/supplier to perform repairs and services.

Bench or on-site repair plus on-call emergency service demonstrates the flexibility of the TTS team to meet the demanding needs of any hospital environment. In addition, our technicians are always ready to share their expertise by simply providing sound advice to hospital biomedical staff when needed.

Biomedical Engineering Technician Servicing Instruments

Trudell Medical Instrument Repair Centre

Trudell Technical Services’ Instrument Repair Centre is a “Aesculap, Inc. Authorized Repair Service” in Canada and  adheres to process and performance standards established by Aesculap’s world headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany. Adherence to these standards results in consistent and industry leading quality workmanship.

Canadian hospitals spend a large portion of their operating budget on surgical instruments. Trudell’s commitment to quality workmanship can help protect the longevity of that investment by:

  • reducing replacement costs;
  • minimizing instrument down time by scheduling routine maintenance; and
  • maintaining for a longer period of time the  instruments’ performance level.